Category: Woodlands

  • Native spring-flowering bulbs for wildlife

    January 15, 2020
    Spring is a very important season for wildlife gardening. Early spring flowers are vital for early insects and the birds…
  • A group of young trees

    Native trees in your garden

    September 23, 2019
    Longing for a break from bustling city life? Want to relax in the shade and take a deep breath of…
  • A felled tree with a chainsaw

    Why fell trees?

    November 20, 2017
    Tree felling is a positive management technique which increases the health and diversity of trees and their associated wildlife within…
  • A coppiced hazel stool

    Coppicing – why cut down trees for conservation?

    November 6, 2017
    Coppicing is a traditional form of woodland management that has shaped many of the remaining semi-natural woodlands in the UK.…
  • Why plant trees?

    October 25, 2017
    In recent decades there have been a number of important stimuli for tree planting, including the loss of hedgerow elms…
  • A young rowan tree

    How to select trees for new native woodland

    September 1, 2017
    If you're planting a new native woodland, you'll need to decide what species to plant. With native trees, some may…
  • Why plant native trees of local provenance?

    August 22, 2017
    Ancient woodlands represent our closest link with the ‘wildwood' of prehistory. The small fragments of ancient semi-natural woodland that still…
  • How to fell trees

    August 18, 2017
    Felling non-native species to retain the character of a woodland can involve anything from pruning and removing saplings to full-scale…
  • A tree planted into grass

    How to plant trees

    August 16, 2017
    The process of planting a young tree is not particularly difficult or time-consuming. But it must be done properly and…
  • How to coppice trees

    August 16, 2017
    Coppicing, either for conservation or to produce timber involves periodic cutting of trees using traditional felling techniques, stacking the timber…