Native tree heights

A large English oak in England

Ever wanted to know how tall the tree you’re planting might eventually grow? Here’s a list for you.

Most trees will only attain the maximum height in ideal conditions – this is unlikely in most cases.

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SpeciesLatin NameHeight range
AlderAlnus glutinosa10-20m
AshFraxinus excelsior30-40m
AspenPopulus tremula20-30m
Bird cherryPrunus padus5-15m
BlackthornPrunus spinosa1 to 5m
Crab appleMalus sylvestris5-10m
Dog roseRosa canina1 to 3m (rambling)
Downy birchBetula pubescens5-15m
ElderSambucus nigraLess than 5m
Goat willowSalix caprea3-10m
Grey willowSalix cinerea2-10m
Guelder roseViburnum opulusLess than 5m
HawthornCrataegus monogyna5-15m
HazelCorylus avellana5-15m
HollyIlex aquifoliumLess than 10m
Pedunculate oakQuercus robur30-40m
RowanSorbus aucuparia5-15m
Scots pinePinus sylvestris20-30m
Sessile oakQuercus petraea30-40m
SpindleEuonymus europaeusLess than 6m
WhitebeamSorbus aria5-15m
Wild cherryPrunus avium10-20m
Wych elmUlmus glabra25-35m

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