Category: Gardens

  • Birds in your garden

    January 15, 2020
    If you follow some basic rules in your garden, you'll make it more attractive for a wide variety of bird…
  • Native spring-flowering bulbs for wildlife

    January 15, 2020
    Spring is a very important season for wildlife gardening. Early spring flowers are vital for early insects and the birds…
  • A traditional hedge

    How to plan a wildlife hedge

    January 8, 2020
    Wildlife hedges are planted mainly for their wildlife value. Their use in controlling stock or people is not necessarily important.…
  • An introduction to wildlife gardening

    January 8, 2020
    Wildlife gardening is for everyone You do not need any particular level of expertise to start a wildlife garden. There…
  • Creating and managing a patch of wet grassland

    October 24, 2019
    Our tendency to drain large areas of land for agriculture and housing means we have lost many of our natural…
  • A hedgehog amongst leaf litter

    Make your garden a home for hedgehogs

    September 3, 2019
    The number of hedgehogs living in rural areas has plummeted by more than half since the year 2000. This comes…
  • Sundew growing on a bog

    Green gardening without peat

    June 11, 2019
    Peat is, without a doubt, great for growing plants in. So why should we not use peat in our gardens?…
  • A bumblebee feeding on an allium flower

    Gardening for bees

    July 12, 2018
    We often consider gardening something that we do for ourselves. And this is great. Gardening for bees (and us) is…
  • How to build a fence

    September 19, 2017
    Fences are sometimes used to protect newly planted trees or to enclose areas which need to regenerate. They control access…
  • How to build or repair a dry stone wall

    August 15, 2017
    Learn the art of dry stone walling... Building with dry stone is one of the earliest skills developed by humans. Dry…